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January 13th, 2010, 09:52 PM
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Name: Kelty
Children/s name/s & DOB:Joey (12/28/95), Thomas (6/26/98), Robbie (01/06/01), and Max (09/22/09)
Date of loss/losses:10/27/08
Anything about your loss/losses you'd like to share: Baby Rufus (That's what the boys called our baby, even though we don't know if it was a boy or girl) was a surprise. I was 41 years old and could not believe that I was PG! I had always wanted another baby and I thought that this little miracle was sent by God and my mom, who had passed that year. When we lost Rufus, I was devastated. How could I lose my little miracle?!?!?! And how could I be faced with the loss of my mother AND my baby all in ONE year?!?!?! At 41, I knew I wanted another baby. And, although we will never forget Rufus (Thomas still prays for him every night) we are lucky to have our new little miracle...Max! I know my mom is holding my baby Rufus in Heaven and they are both watching over us.

Tell us about yourself!: I'm one of the co-hosts of this fantastic board. I don't know how I would have made it through PAL without all of the wonderful women on this board. I am a SAHM. I've been home for over 11 years. I'm an active volunteer at our kids' school/our church, and my DH of 18 years says that I truly redefine the terms "Stay Home Mom" because I'm never home. I'm always on the go. We have a cat, Samantha (18) and a dog, Libby (3).

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Kelty---Mom of 4 boys!

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