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January 15th, 2010, 01:13 PM
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Monday morning I woke up early with what I thought was BH and some mild cramping. I had a few false alarms so I didn't think anything of them. I went for a bath and went back to bed to see if they'd still be there when I woke up. I slept in and woke up to the same mild contractions but when I got up was SURE my water had broken.

I called my mw to let her know I probably won't make it to my 11:00am appt. because my water had broken and I was in early labor. She agreed she would come by at about 1pm to assess me and we would go from there. When she got here I was 4cm and 70% effaced and my contractions were mild and pretty far apart (about 8 min apart)
We swabbed for fluid and it turns out my water didn`t break at all - must have peed WHOOPS! At least I WAS in early labor LOL

We agreed she would go shopping at Lowes in Newmarket and she would come back to check on me at about 5:30-6:30 and to call if labor changed.

DS`s babysitter (my BFF) came over at around 5:30pm and DH went to have a beer with her husband at her house. My contractions were still mild but getting pretty good, I had to breath through a couple of them but nothing to write home about. DH came back just before the mw got to the house and when she checked my I was 5-6cm and totally thinned out which she said was very good for a 2nd birth as normally the cervix doesn`t totally thin out until the good labor starts LOL

I felt like I wanted to get in the tub as my contractions were getting more intense and I was having to really focus - so I got in the tub just as my doula got to the house. I stayed in the tub about an hour and then got checked again by the mw as it felt like the contractions were really doing some work and I was still 6cm but REALLY stretchy. The mw suggested breaking my water because without the pressure of the baby`s head, this could go on for a looooong time. I got nervous when she wanted to break my water so she told me to go have a shower and try and wrap my head around it, we didn`t have to decide now etc. She suggested I try having 3 contractions on the toilet to try and naturally break my water and so I went to sit on the toilet and the 2nd one did it! (This was about 8:45pm) I had a brief panic attack because I knew the contractions were about to be even more intense; and I was right! Immediately I thought I wasn’t going to be able to bear the pain. My doula talked me into the tub to help with the pain and I went in the tub but I was sure I was going to die in it LOL

Within minutes I felt an enormous pressure on my bum and had the urge to bear down with each contraction. The mw wanted me out of the tub unless I wanted to have the baby in the tub. I had a hard time with the next few contractions and I was sure I made a mistake, wanted to go to the hospital, wanted drugs, wanted the mw to reach in and take her out with her bare hands LOL Transition ended almost as quickly as it came and it was now time to push. I have always heard of this “urge” to push as if it was some sort of an OPTION lol. At that point with every contraction my body took my mind for a ride. I was totally capable of making decisions like “wanting to rest through this next contraction” but my body was having none of it… the contraction would come and my body just did the rest. It HEAVED a 9lb6oz baby girl out of my body in less than 15 minutes complete with primal roars and squeals! After every scream I made, Lucas would mimic it back to me and laugh like we were playing a game (from downstairs) LOL

I was initially nervous about losing control ‘at the end’ etc. but my husband was absolutely amazing. I remember him telling me after every horrendous noise how proud he was of me, and that we were doing this together, and how wonderful my body was doing – they were truly the most beautiful moments of my labor and they were the ones I was most fearful of. I will never forget the feeling of Maya on my belly and hearing my husband’s tears while we held her in our bed. Best. Birth. Ever.

It’s 4 days later and Maya is feeding like a champ, all her meconium is gone and she’s absolutely perfect. I have a 2nd degree tear I`m nursing, but my baby is worth every stitch!!!



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