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January 15th, 2010, 05:09 PM
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oops i wrote out a huge post yesterday and have to re write it omg lmao.

Ok well heres the thing... Nevan is trying to nurse the past few days, but we arent getting anywhere .. he bites me usually , and hes had one lil letdown in a few days .. so im pretty sure we are stopping .... i guess in the process of.

He still thinks he wants boob, but when I try , hes impatient, bites, not much milk supply anymore, etc.. so i give him a bottle. And he loves his babas... I started giving him one or two formula bottles a day around 4 -5 mo old and it gradually increased... so hes ok on formula it seems.

So... i guess what my question to you guys is.... how will I know, when its really finished? Do i stop completely, or just go with the flow type thing... I pumped one oz lasntight in 15 min so i think I still have some milk just def not like b4.


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