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January 16th, 2010, 08:00 PM
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Thanks, ladies! You've made me feel better. I guess I just really got irked today, as if the last straw had been sprung, kwim? I was working, and this really nice old lady had been talking to me for a while as she waited for her takeout. After some idle conversation, she asked, "So when are you quitting?" I was pleased, because I thought she was referring to my pregnancy, even though I hadn't said anything about me being pregnant (so I was thinking, "Yay! Yet another person has recognized that I'm pregnant!), and I answer, "At the end of April. Well, actually I'm due at the end of April, so probably a little before that." And she goes, "Oh, you're pregnant?! I didn't know! I was asking because of how busy it is in here!" And then she goes on and on about how small I am, and how I'm not going to get very large, and how I look great, yadda yadda yadda. Basically, even though she was being really nice and complimenting me and saying things which SHOULD make any girl happy, I just couldn't help but be annoyed. I felt like my belly was just standing out there for everyone to see, and she looks right at it and pretends to see nothing. I mean, there's a BABY in there, y'know?? It's okay to comment on size!

And my mom's friend really bugged me the other day, because she had been saying to my mom that she didn't believe I was showing. So my mom (who of course thinks I look brilliantly pregnant) tells me to take off my coat and show her my big belly. I do so (and I'm already annoyed by this point), and her friend just kind of makes this face (she didn't even smile at all) and says, "Oh, well, she's got a little bump there. Not much. But she'll grow!" I'm thinking, "I've already grown A TON! Why can't anyone else see this, especially if they know how small I was before?!?!"

Ugh. Sorry. I didn't mean for that to turn into a ramble again.

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