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January 17th, 2010, 02:02 AM
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This reminds me of when Jon and I were at the hospital holding Katrina and about to have to say our goodbyes to her. The hospital we delivered her at has a therapist that works there and she comes to visit families who have just experienced a loss / stillbirth. Well the day I was induced she had kept popping in all day to see how we were doing but she told us she wouldn't be available on the Saturday so she said she specifically called one of the other therapists to come in the next day (the day Katrina was actually born) to see how we were doing.

Well on the Saturday, the new therapist came in probably about an hour before we were about to say our goodbyes to Katrina and while she was nice enough, she said how her first was stillborn and then she went on to have a living child and then her third was also stillborn. I was SO terrified as we left the hospital that day. Yes, I understand that would be a horribly traumatic thing for her to go through, but I was a newly grieving mother and at the time I didn't know anything other than having to say goodbye to my baby girl and the fear of something like that happening again....well, ugh, I can't / don't want to even talk / think about that

some people really think they're helping by just saying "something" rather than nothing, but they just don't understand how hard certain things can be to hear.

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