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January 17th, 2010, 03:12 PM
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no meetup groups that are "AP friendly" in my area (there is one very active one that is probably 45 minutes away) and no Holistic Moms group or LLL under 40 minutes. One of the drawbacks to living out here is that we are sort of isolated in the social aspect. We wanted lots of space and we got it, but I can't even go for a walk with Cadie on my own road, it's not safe enough (no sidewalks, windy, fast cars).

I forgot to mention above that she could tell if my fluid was good and how many babies were in there *JUST BY TOUCHING MY BELLY*- makes me so sad that technology has taken over so much that I am sure they don't even train OBs or nurse midwives how to tell those things with their hands anymore.

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