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January 17th, 2010, 07:30 PM
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I could start a group right from meetup, but I'm not a group leader type. I just wouldn't be right for that kind of thing.

Plus my midwife is right outside Boston, so that's 45 minutes away, not in this community.

There was a meetup group a year ago that I joined, only 3 of us were active, and the person who started it wasn;t active at all, we tried to email her and she didn't reply. One of the women lives in the town next to me but she now has a full time job, and 3 kids, not much time for hanging out. The other woman lives like a half hour away, we lost touch.

I feel like I've considered every angle. I just joined forums and they have regional "tribes" so I'm hoping that will get me somewhere.
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