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January 17th, 2010, 08:46 PM
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Thanks ladies - have tried warm baths but no help - will try some stretches.

To Cheryl - by my best guess I can tell baby is posterior by where I am feeling the movements and I always tell my midwife how I *think* baby is position then have her confirm it by feeling around. When he's anterior, when he pushes with his hands it feels like (sorry no better way to explain this lol) like his hand is just gonna pop right out of my butt lol. I can also feel/see him sticking his butt out - usually inline to the left of my belly button. But when he's posterior, I can feel his hands poking me just above the pubic bone, and feel/see him poking his knees out higher in my belly too (i know they're knee's because at the same time I can feel his feet up even higher or off to the side a bit.)
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