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January 18th, 2010, 10:32 AM
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wow, that sounds pretty exciting, and maybe a bit scary at the same time. Maybe it would be different for you in the military but I know Alaska can be pretty isolating. I guess that's a theme in this thread.

I certainly didn't mean for this thread to me about me and my lack of a local social life! But I guess it has.

I don't mean to make it sound as if I have no options- I have the world at my fingertips if I want to do things 45 minutes to an hour away. That is fine sometimes, I LOVE Boston and Providence, but I can't build my day to say social life that way. I'm on a meetup list of AP moms that live just south of Boston and they do tons of great fun things but everything I google is 45 minutes away or more. Maybe someone else would be willing to do that all the time, but I can't for a bunch of reasons, one being gas money. My car is a Highlander so I'm not getting 30 miles to the gallon or anything. Plus I do not drive in bad weather due to a bad accident about 10 years ago that messed me up pretty badly, nerve wise. It just doesn't make sense when dealing with nap time (which I need too these days, badly) and all that. I really need things that are local as in half an hour or so for day to day activities and friends.

like I said, maybe that doesn't make sense to others, but it is what it is.
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