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January 18th, 2010, 02:25 PM
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I am so NOT a believer in old wives tales and gender predictors, however I really think the drano one works. It worked on me anyways. My friend who is 27 weeks and is having a surprise and I did the drano test today. Since I know I am having a boy, I was the control. Basically you pee in something clear and add Drano to it and watch to see if the color changes. If it turns darker it is a BOY, if it stays the same it is a GIRL. We did it at the exact same time and mine turned so much darker, and hers stayed the exact same color. We did the "experiment" twice and received the same results. She did it with her first pregnancy too and it did not change color (she ended up having a GIRL). I am so skeptical about these things, but I really believe she is having a girl. hehehe if nothing else I spent $7 on a bottle of drano which I needed anyways. Super fun science experiment! Try it and let me know your results. Will try to post a pic if I can figure it out!

In the pics below mine is the bag labeled "J"



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