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January 18th, 2010, 03:11 PM
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blue daisy's post about her birth got me thinking about length of labor. She said she had a 12 hour labor and the hospital told her to come in earlier for her next.

With Lily I was in labor from first contraction to delivery for about 6.5 hours total. I got to the hospital at 4.5cm and delivered her 3 hours later. My OB told me this time around that she'd head to the hospital first thing since usually 2nd babies come faster. My midwives (since I'm doing a home birth) have already said that the second I call (whether it is for water breaking or contractions or just thinking labor is starting) they will head over because they're pretty sure I'm going to go faster than with Lily.

So, just curious, those with more than one child was your 2nd labor faster?

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