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January 18th, 2010, 09:40 PM
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My first was about 9 hours from the time I got steady contractions. I was progressing and contracting prior to that, but they were irregular and all over the charts. They hydrated me, and they got better. 9 hours after hydration.

#2 was 1 hour 45 minutes-after crossing my legs for a while waiting on my mom and sister. I was already at the hospital because they were going to induce me in the AM.

#3 was a really unenjoyable 30+ hours of excruciating labor with a sunny side up, stubborn little girl. I ended up getting pitocin for the last 10 or so hours of labor.

#4 was about 7 hours 45 minutes. Pretty easy labor. Went super fast at the end.
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