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January 19th, 2010, 12:11 PM
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My first labor started with my water breaking at 6am, Kaylee was born 5 hours later.

My 2nd labor started right before my 38 week checkup around 10am. I didn't actually start hard labor until around 4pm that day when I went into the hospital, James was born around 5-6am. So about 13 hours.

My 3rd labor started with my water breaking at 6am, Aubree was born just minutes after 5pm. 11 hours.

So my labor didn't get shorter with each baby, however the delivery was easier with each one. Kaylee took like 15 minutes of pushing, James took 3 good pushes and Aubree kinda slid out after 1 good push. I am expecting this one to slide out without much effort on my part!! LOL

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