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January 19th, 2010, 06:44 PM
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On Thursday December 10th I got up about 2:00 am to go to the bathroom and was feeling a little crampy, but nothing that made me think that today was The Day. At 2:30 I got up to do our rural paper route, which takes about 2 1/2 hrs. While doing that I realized the "cramps" were regular, so I kept an eye on the clock. They were coming about every 5 min. I got home a little after 5, and decided to try and get some sleep. I never could, and finally about 7:45 a.m. called my midwife. She arrived about an hour later (I told her not to hurry. ) She checked me and I was at a 5. DH was filling up the tub. I was walking and sitting on my exercise ball. A little bit later my friend arrived, who is a massage therapist, and I was able to get into the tub. Contractions were getting pretty intense by now, so I was breathing through them. Tanith (my 2 yo) got in the tub with me for a little while, but got out when she couldn't bring her bath toys in with us. My mom arrived shortly after and took Tanith for a drive while we were waiting. I'm not sure how much longer I labored and chatted, but the contractions started getting pretty close and intense. My midwife wanted me to try and go pee one more time, and while I was out of the tub a couple of HUGE contractions hit, so that I was shaky. Right after that I got back in the tub and started to feel like pushing. I did a couple of small pushes, then started pushing like I meant it! My water finally broke then, and we discovered that Tesla was frank breech. Whoops. But the urge to push was coming hard and fast then and in about 2 min she was out. Unfortunately her cord broke during pushing and she lost blood. She was very pale, and wasn't really crying. They also lost her heartbeat for a few seconds. The midwives were doing oxygen getting her warmed up. DH called 911 and the paramedics were there in about 5 min. They took her and DH to the hospital while I got cleaned up and delivered the placenta. Before I got to the hospital they gave her a blood transfusion, and she pinked right up and was doing much better, but they ended keeping her for 4 days.

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