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January 19th, 2010, 09:01 PM
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Oh goodness! It started today with the lovely glucose tolerance test. I drank it all in the prescribed 10 minutes, but the man on the other side of the room kept laughing at me since I kept grimacing and retching after every swallow. I finally just decided to chug it once it was warm enough to chug. Not bad. Not fun, but gotta love having random strangers laughing at you.

I then went in for an ultrasound because at my last one my cervix had gotten shorter, and DS had IUGR so they are keeping an extra close watch on this little Millie girl in me. I happen to LOVE this ultrasound tech. She's totally my favorite and is quick, knows just what she's doing and knows how to make you comfortable. Growth is looking perfect for Millie, and she's about 2 lb 10 oz right now.

The air in the room changed when she checked my cervix though through the transvaginal u/s. All of a sudden she was quiet and forlorn. Not nearly so fun.

I go and get my blood drawn for the GTT and then wait to get my "butt" shot of p17 and also see my OB. And, my cervix length is technically fine, but as soon as ANY pressure is put on it, it shortens and some liquid is able to seep down into it. There's about a cm of cervix that is still totally closed and isn't allowing liquid to penetrate it, but that's not very great.

I'm now on terbutaline every 4 hours (day and night) which apparently makes most people jittery for a few days, to help stop the contractions that have been coming not "regularly" but frequently to say the least. I'm also on a bed-rest schedule of 4-6 hours per day (not including sleeping) where I need to be not only off my feet, laying down to prevent ALL pressure. The rest of the time I just need to "take it easy" which is going to be a piece of cake with my 1 year old son. I wish it were anyway.

I'll be tested for the Ffn test on the 1st (or maybe next week? I don't remember), and would have been today but the vaginal ultrasound messed that up. Here's hoping I get to keep this baby in until at least the 34 weeks that DS was.

I hate feeling imcompetent.
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