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January 20th, 2010, 10:45 AM
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I had a growth check ultrasound on Monday, she's measuring about a week and couple days ahead which doesn't surprise me since my DD was big, so I'm at the upper end of the average for her age and she's over 3lbs already. She's still breech with her feet "dug into" my cervix as the tech put it (could have told you that,the kicks have been PAINFUL). She was also transverse and laying into me so no pics (got one but its next to impossible to make anything out, maybe I'll scan it later). I go back at 32wks for another growth check. The tech was also really nice and took the time to really show me the crotch shot "definitely a girl, that's her vagina" so I'm not worried about that anymore and she has so much hair it was clearly visible on the 2D ultrasound!

Had my regular OB appointment today, was thrilled to see my blood pressure was nice and low. I haven't gained any weight since my appointment a month ago... still averaging 10-12lbs total depending what time of day I weigh myself etc. Hoping to keep it in check for the rest of the pregnancy as well as I started out overweight. They will be calling me within the week to schedule my c-section & tubal ligation, looks like my baby bun will be an Easter BUNny assuming they let me schedule on Easter (that's when I'm 39wks). Can hardly believe I'm about 10wks from holding my newest daughter!

I go back in 2wks (blah) and need to get in before that for my repeat glucose test, hopefully I pass the one hour this time since I have no intention of doing another 3 hour since I just passed one about a month ago.
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