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January 20th, 2010, 11:12 PM
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My first was 10 hours long with 1/2 an hour of pushing and that was with epidural.

My second natural baby my water broke and I had her 2 hours later with ONE push.

I am nervous too that this baby will be born in my car on the way to the hospital. lol I have told DH he needs to be prepared in case he delivers the baby. The midwife says "Oh, don't worry, you'll make it. Just come sooner when the first contraction hits." With the last one my first contraction was already active labor. We'll see how this goes.

My cousin's first birth was 3 hours long and she now has 8 kids, her last one was 15 minutes and the midwife completely missed it. lol Oh and in our state there is a funny story about a mom who had her baby on the hospital lawn and she was saying how embarrassed she was. The nurse told her "Don't worry, a couple years ago there was a lady who had her baby in the elevator." The mom said "That was ME TOO!"
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