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January 21st, 2010, 07:59 PM
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I wish I knew more about kick counts. I specifically wish that my OB and my perinatologists told me how to determine kick counts for twins. I just felt "movement" during my 1st pregnancy -- kicks, rolls, flutters, all of it. But I had no idea how I should've been tracking them.

I had no idea if it was Julia kicking me or Noah kicking me. Julia was on my right in front; Noah was on my left more in back. When I felt kicks on my left side, I assumed it was Noah. Never in my life would I have guessed that there might be a way to do kick counts for twins. Never in my life would I imagine that my son was dead for three weeks before the doctor discovered that his heart wasn't beating.

Do I have a gut instinct? Yes, about many things. Sadly, the death of my son in utero was not one of them. Had I known about the seriousness of kick counts, he might've very well been saved.

I believe this time around, kick counts may have saved Sydney. I went to L&D upon the directive of my perinatologist when I barely felt her move 4 days before she was supposed to be delivered via scheduled C-section. A non-stress test showed a strong heartbeat. The nurses and on-call OB sent me home. I had an appointment with my perinatologist the next morning anyway. The perinatologist quickly determined why I was feeling decreased fetal movement the day before -- I was low on amniotic fluid and he immediately checked me into L&D because Sydney was going to be delivered that day.

Just felt the need to share my story.

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