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January 22nd, 2010, 11:50 AM
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with 2 child free days?

I am Cadie free until tomorrow afternoon, she went to CT yesterday to hang out with John's parents at their house. Yesterday I got some stuff done around the house and took the dogs for a long walk. Last night we watched TV in the bedroom (where she is usually asleep at night) and then we dtd! That was sort of nice. Got a solids night sleep and slept in today until 11!!! That was great. I did have to get up to pee a few times but it didn't take me forever to get back to sleep each time, which was nice.

Today so far I have done a little cleaning, I'm going to go do yoga right now then go to the eye doctors to get new glasses finally! Cadie broke mine this summer and I haven't made it over to get a new pair yet, can't take her there that's for sure! It gets tough at night because I am as blind as a bat without my contacts.

then tonight John and I are going to go eat a yummy dinner, maybe Indian or something that we can't usually do with her, then maybe a movie, not sure.

I miss her, but it's nice to get a little done and have some free time. If the books I ordered come today I might be able to get a little reading in too!! wow, what a treat! They're parenting/gentle discipline books, but still, they're books!!
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