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January 22nd, 2010, 08:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Kelllilee View Post
it's rarely a problem unless it's combined with a short cord or a true knot. Cord around the neck is very very common and not a big deal the majority of the time. Honestly its one of my biggest pet peeves to hear people talk about how the cord was around their neck and a c/s "saved" the baby. My first had the cord around her neck, no biggie, second had it wrapped around her shoulders, again no problem.

Technically the cord can't "choke" the baby as that indicates cutting off the airway, in utero babies don't breathe that way. The true culprit is pinching of the cord and stopping the blood flow and it would have to be pretty tightly pulled for that to happen.

Yes, problems can occur, just not as common as people make it out to be.
This. Nuchal cords are not associated with adverse perinatal outcomes. Cord stricture and entanglement are extremely rare and cases where a nuchal cord was present in a stillbirth can be mere coincidence. Correlation does not mean causation. Current studies do not support the idea that nuchal cords cause issues before or during birth.

Umbilical cord abnormalities (wharton's jelly defect and short cord) can be underlying causes, but nuchal cords themselves are benign and very common.
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