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May 18th, 2006, 05:48 AM
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honestly i think it depends on the person your has its ups and downs (i no mine does) i no that every guy is different but when i first started dating my boyfriend (he has an almost 8 year old now) it was nice for awhile and then when he introduced me to his daughter i felt a little uncomfortable but she is a very sweet girl so it made things easier its just that when her mom got involved things got a little hectic...the one thing that P*ssed me off so much as to where i was going to leave him was when he decided to take his daughter to six flags and his ex was going with him that through me off the wall because to me its hard to trust because she seemed like the type to try and get him to after not talking to him for 3 days straight he never did it again..anyways yeah it has its ups and downs but its worth it (well sometimes hehe) might not be listed to them as "wicked step-mom" hey they might really enjoy u and get along with u really well..i say meet his kids and hang out with him and them and see how it goes before u get into a serious relationship..i hope i helped a little

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