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January 24th, 2010, 02:38 PM
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I am so happy to see all our little babies... still can't believe the pregnancy flew by like it did!

Sergio started sitting up by himself a couple weeks ago. He is still very wobbly and tends to faceplant after a minute so I sit near/behind him. But now he's up playing with toys just like big brother. This weekend he was sitting on a mat at my ILs and playing w/ Hugo's digger and lego blocks- well, just grabbing at them and making them move and occasionally trying to stuff them in his mouth.

Here's a pic of him sitting on me w/ his brother's cup. He saw it, loved it and grabbed it and stuffed it into his mouth like he's been doing it forever. I could not get over it!!!

It was empty, thank goodness. But when his brother saw it they had their "first fight"! LOL!

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