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January 24th, 2010, 09:33 PM
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o man.

i dont know what has gotten into jayla these past couple nights but i might go crazy if it continues.

last night and tonight jayla has woken up a couple hours after laying her down crying. last night she layed down at 9 (which is later than normal) and SO told me she was up crying at 11. well she didnt stop til around 2am she had been fed, changed, rocked...nothing was working. eventually she fell asleep til 6am.
had a bottle then was back out til 9.

and tonight i laid her down around 730, and about 10 she woke up crying. after about 30 minutes...not of full out crying but some whinning she fell back asleep. im hoping she doesnt continue this.

any idea on what the heck is going on with her? if it happens again tomorrow night im gonna ask the dr. on tues. if we can do anything
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