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January 24th, 2010, 10:25 PM
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Hi there, buddies! I didn't get a chance to check back until tonight, but, I thought I'd quick check in...

My diet is going pretty well! Yes, I let myself cheat a little this weekend. I know it sounds bad, but, I think what I've learned is that I need to let myself have chips or chocolate once in a while, or, I'll quit the diet. I'd love to say that I'm realllly disciplined, but, I can only say that I WISH I was disciplined enough to say NO to all of the bad stuff.

I'll be weighing in tomorrow! Wish me luck! I'm nervous, but, I'm excited. Marie, Mexico is just around the corner. Way too exciting! I'm glad you enjoyed the day. You deserved it!

Jennifer, Wow! You're busy! And I'm jealous that your arms hurt...As long as "post workout pain" isn't incapacitating, I really feel good about it. I'm going to try to push myself during the work out tomorrow. But, I'm nervous that I'll overdo it and end up unable to function in my necessary roles around the house. you know what I mean?

Talk to you all soon! You're doing awesome!
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