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January 25th, 2010, 07:47 AM
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Hi Girls, I apologize in advance for typos, etc. my computer is acting really strange, and connection is poor right now. Or maybe it is JM, I'm not sure.

Had a long week, a busy weekend, now it is monday already. I got in no exercise over the weekend except what I wanted to do for the New Year new You challenge, and those things I did at work. I used two gallons of milk to do the arm raises and triceps kickbacks. I was so worried somebody might walk in the cooler and wonder what the heck I was doing, LOL! I ate pretty well until last night, but we splurged a little bit (okay, a lot). I had a beer and mozzarella sticks w/ ranch dressing. OMGosh is was the best thing I'd eaten in forever, probably about a bazillion calories and the first time I'd felt really full in a long time. (and just in case either of you are scandalized by me drinking a beer while prego... well, sorry!)

I guess today I'm doing a routine for legs and back, maybe some cardio and yoga too. It depends on if DH wants to exercise with me... he mentioned starting this week, but I haven't confirmed that he actually wiell. I have one extra shift to work this week, but then *hopefully* back to normal normal. One of the ladies is having problems with her daughter, and I heard that yesterday they had to take the girl back to the hospital. That's why I had to work so much extra last week, and if there is is still trouble I may have to work extra this week too. Poor me.

Have a great day, Ladies, I might be able to check back later.
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