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May 18th, 2006, 12:00 PM
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I see no reason why she should be mad that your paying for your SD insurance. I mean, she's now medically covered. Msaybe she doesn't like the plan, but it is health insurance. Both me and my son's father have insurance for him. Our court order stipultates that BOTH of us must provide insurance if offered through our work. it's not offered through my work, but Istill got insurnace for him. I did it because I wanted to make sure that if past trends continued and he quits working in a month, my son was still covered. And when i did it I didn't expect him to break his arm a week after his father quit his job and let insurance lapse. If his father re-married and his wife wanted to add DS to her insurance i would see nothing wrong with it. Just as when my DH gets his benefits he's planning on putting DS on his insurnace (and then I'll stop the insurance I have). he doesn't have to but it shows that he really cares.

As for them not telling you when she is injured, we have the same problem. I've picked DS up from his father's and have found out that he spent the weekend sick. The last time I picked him up, he came home with brochitus. When confronted with it, his father told me "It's not my responsibility to tell you if he's sick. But when something happens when he's home with me, I always call them and say "by the way, I took Doc to the doctor and he has_______" or "We are at ________ hospital right now because Doc ____________ (insert problem here)"
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