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January 26th, 2010, 12:50 PM
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My mil is the most selfish woman in the world and I really can't stand her.
I am not crazy about the inlaws at all but she is the worst!!!

She has been NO help to me since DH deployed last year....She always tells me to call them if I need them and then when I do finally call them to see if they will watch Logan they can't because they are sick,going to the casinos or shopping or some other bull.....

I made a special effort to be nice to her last week and bought her a pretty birthday card and signed DH's,mine and DS's name to it,dropped it off at her house(they weren't home...gone to casinos) and she never even called me to acknowledge that she got it or anything......She has not called to check on me or her grandson since the 14th of this month......

I could go on and on....but whats the point.....

Vent over.

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