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January 26th, 2010, 07:42 PM
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I was 16 when I got pregnant with my first, Sebastian. Its funny because I met my SO at the same location I (extremely likely) concieved my DS, and the same location where I peed on the test that came up positive.

SO and I met, as much of dorks as we are, playing dungeons and dragons together at the local nerd joint. I met him my first time there, when I joined in on a dungeons and dragons game that had already been very well established.

SO's character was well known as the guy who could give a care in the world less about anybody but himself, but because SO thought I was cute, he made his character help my character in the game. (Hehee, we were major dorks.)

So I gave him my phone number. We talked on the phone, and thus shortly became "an item." He was my first, and we were active rather early on in our relationship. Things remained steady for a couple months, and at first I really didn't think anything of us being active without using protection.

Well, then game the month that my period was super funky. I was clock-work regular, so when I was supposed to start my period but only spotted for 24-48 hours, I knew something was up. I then started getting really sick, really really sick, and having this odd, insatiable urge for peach rings (candy).

Well, SO's mom bought me a pregnancy test, which SO brought to the nerd joint (we met every weekend). I snuck into the bathroom and read the instructions, then peed on it. I almost choked because, the instructions said wait three minutes before reading the test, but I had hardly finished peeing on it and it was extremely positive.

So I walked out of the bathroom, my face was red, I just nodded to SO, who smiled and got really excited (he was fairly young, but for some reason was super excited from day one). I remember laying in the big comfy chair off to the side in the nerd joint, trying not to cry and complaining to myself. I remember dreading how to tell my parents, and worst of all, not knowing how I was going to finish highschool.

Thankfully, I was already schooling from Home with an internet based academy, in my 10th grade year. I was due in August, a month before the start of my 11th grade year, so I would be okay there.

Telling my parents is an extremely hard, personal experience. SO and his mother (who was ALSO EXCITED for us when she found out) were angry I chose to do this without them, but I had to do it. A couple of nights after finding out, my parents and I were going to bed, and about 15 minutes after they went to their bedroom, I walked in. I was already sobbing, all I could get out was "I have to tell you something..." through the tears. My dad was the first one who guessed, asking me flat out "Are you pregnant?"

I said yes, and he stayed in bed, but my mom got up and sat in the living room with me, discussing this for quite a long period of time. They were highly disappointed in me. Which is understandable - I am their baby, their only child!

I was 8 weeks along at this time, calculated by my last period. 32 weeks later, on his due date, my son was born. SO, my mom and dad were in the room, the experience was beautiful. My mom and dad helped me raise my son, while I finished high school. I did my school work, alone with a baby during the days. My SO went to Job Corps, and was gone for 9 months. He was able to get his GED (he had dropped out like...the year before he met me because his mom decided to 'home school' him, but didnt do it.) and a degree in carpentry. I graduated highschool in '07, and then in '08 graduated vocational school for Medical Assisting. I will also be starting Nursing School full time in September of '10, after this baby is born and I have some time with her.

Now here we are. My son, Sebastian Taylor, is 4 years old (8.26.05), and thrilled he is going to be a big brother. My fiance, J.D. and I have been together for 5 years (9.3.04) and are going strong. With little to NO help from his 'oh so excited' mother, however. It still cracks me up that it was SO THRILLING that she was going to be a mother at 34, but it was my parents who helped us make it to where we are. Oh well, we are where we are, and thats what matters!
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