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January 28th, 2010, 09:05 PM
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For a couple weeks, Jonah was doing this thing with his hand, where he was rubbing his thumb with his other hand. I thought at first that he was trying to itch dry skin (he has eczema that was flaring up on his hands) but then it occurred to me that he was trying to tell me something, and he always did it at meal time.

Well, at the grocery store we walked past the bananas and he started doing it! Then it hit me: I've really been trying to teach him the sign for one of his favorite foods. Bananas! What he was doing wasnt *too* far off from that sign.

He continued to do the sign throughout the store, and then when we got home for lunch. Poor kid wanted me to buy some bananas for lunch! Just to make sure, I showed him pictures of bananas, and play bananas, and said the word banana, and for all of them he did the sign. It cracked me up this morning I asked him what he wanted for breakfast, and he did it then too!

Here's a link to the video. I posted it in the video gallery too, but wanted to share the story about it!
YouTube - mvi_0060.avi

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