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January 31st, 2010, 02:59 PM
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Better sign in here! P

1. Your Name: Jo-Ann (Jo)
2. DH name: Scott
3. Kids names and ages: Christian (12), Xander (5), Xya (4), Sophia (19mo)
4. Are you done or still working on that? Work in progress - PG w/#5!
5. Any other information you would like share? I always wanted a large family. It as never in the cards for DH, yet it seems I manged to get my wish anyway! PG w/#5 EDD 10/10/10!
Jo (38), Christian(17), Xander(10), Xya(9), & Sophia(7), & Ayla(4) 11/8/10! ~
~ "Remember, you're not managing an inconvenience. You're raising a human being." -Kittie Franz~
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