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January 31st, 2010, 03:04 PM
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So I have to update my old sign-in. Sadly, I m/c our EDD 10/10 baby @ 4wks, 4days. We decided to try again right away (even though our pg was a surprise/oops) and are excitedly pregnant again!:

1. Name? Jo

2. Due Date? 11/11/10

3. Baby #? 5

4. Boy or Girl? Don't know! Hoping for pink but really doesn't matter!

--------------- Don't want to delete my little angel tho so I'll keep it down here...
I'm here!

1. Name? For the baby? Who knows yet...

2. Due Date? 10/10/10

3. Baby #? 5

4. Boy or Girl? Don't know!
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