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February 3rd, 2010, 03:37 PM
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I've been thinking about dropping reading from Ben's homeschool curriculum to focus completely on comprehension (starting now) and spelling (starting next year), so I decided to give him a standardized reading test this afternoon. (D.O.R.A.) Whoa?! All of the scores were exactly what I expected except one ... his word recognition was 10th grade!?!?! I expected 5th!!!

Here's the breakdown:

High Frequency Words (range K-3) = 2nd
Word Recognition (range K-12) = 10th
Phonics Subtest (range K-4) = 4th
Spelling (range K-12) = 2nd
Oral Vocabulary (range K-12) = 3rd
Comprehension (range K-12) = 1st
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