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February 3rd, 2010, 08:27 PM
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Hi ladies!
I'm considering a home birth. I had my first at a birth center, it was a water birth and went pretty quickly, and pretty smoothly. I'm preg w/ #2. We had planned on doing it this time with a different midwife in a hospital. I'm 21 weeks along. We just found out our insurance only covers the hospital in our area that doesn't allow midwives to deliver there. Now I'm faced with choosing a birth at that hospital with a doctor I've never met before, or going with a home birth with our original midwife from our first birth who I really liked.

I loved my water birth and can't imagine giving birth another way. (the hospital doesn't allow water births). First time around I spent the day before in slow labor contractions and then woke up from a nap the day of at 3pm in serious labor, got to the birth center a little bit before five. I was dilated to a 5 and the pain was so great, I didn't think I could make it.. the second I got in the water the pain lifted immensely and I had her an hour later. So I think I'd make a pretty good candidate for a home birth.

I'm not sure why I'm hesitating with the home birth, I just read a thread about how it's about the same as my birth center birth really.. I'm wondering if its just the left over societal pressures.. not wanting to be that crazy lady who gave birth in a kiddie pool in her living room.. lol, or if its something deeper.. I guess I'm just wanting to hear other peoples experience and advice.

thanks for listening! Sorry If that was way more info than you all needed, lol
I'm so excited to find this forum! Yay for natural birth women!
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