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February 5th, 2010, 08:44 AM
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I found out from another friend that a family we invited to our Superbowl party had the flu. As late as Tuesday, they didn't feel well (the husband skipped bowling I guess). All 4 of them had it. But all I know is it's the FLU, they didn't say seasonal, H1N1, or some people call a stomach bug "the flu."

Obviously our party isn't til Sunday, but now I'm paranoid that they are still contagious. Not sure I want them in our house, but I tend to go WAY overboard on germs, so maybe I'm being silly?

I want to ask them what they had, when they got over it, but don't want to make them feel like we don't want them here because of the germs (unless it's warranted). They did email me saying they were looking forward to coming, so they must be feeling better now?

Kids and I got both flu vaccines, (kids only 1 dose though) but DH didn't get any.

What would you do?

(and I did actually email her back, and just politely slipped in there "oh, what kind of flu did you have, sounds horrible!" hoping not to sound rude.
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