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February 5th, 2010, 10:06 AM
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so for the last month or so I have been saying how excited I am to not have to work valentine's day, I don't put too much stock into valentines day but for the last 5 years since we have been together I end up having to work that weekend or day or DH leaves for a race or whatever. our first valentines day he stopped at home and grabbed some tools and headed to his familys shop to work on his snowmobiles which is about 30 min away. I thought for sure he would at least say happy v day or something, well he called about 10 minutes after he left and said oh by the way would you throw a load of laundry in for me? well around midnight when he got home I got the last of the dead flowers from walmart because his mom had called and asked what we were doing for v day and he was like oh crap i didn't know it was valentines day. now keep in mind this has been my experience with him and valentines day for the last 5 years, each year a little diffferent but still the same, he is the least romantic person ever.

so this year since I don't work and we spend every weekend with other people, either my parents or his dad, so I say that we are going to go to devils lake to go ice fishing which we both enjoy and I wanted to stay at the casino so I could go swimming, my back has been killing me and want to feel weightless. he works in devils lake during the week and they have a cabin there, but I still wanted to stay at a hotel so I could go swimming. he said okay and he would make reservations, also because this is going to be our last weekend alone/mini vacation before baby. I ask him last night what we are doing for v-day and he said oh we are going ice fishing and staying at the cabin!!!!! omg what didn't he get from me saying flat out what I wanted to do (like 20 times) I want to go swimming and relax in the room!!! we still get to go fishing which is a hobby we both enjoy but I really want to swim (and gamble at the casino)

so I kind of laughed and made fun of his selective hearing and told him that we ARE going to stay in a hotel and I AM going to swim or it is going to be a weekend of watching lifetime movies on the couch, his choice. so I asked him again this morning and needless to say he is going to call and make some reservations.

just my clueless DH rant

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