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February 5th, 2010, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by SmittenKitten View Post

I will be switching my medication in 2 weeks to valium. I have held off TTC for quite a few months because of my issue with medication and pregnancy, but at this rate I feel It may take me some time to be medication free. I have suffered from very bad anxiety and OCD and am currently withdrawing from my medication and dont plant to TTC until I have dropped my valium significantly.

Just wondering if anyone has any personal experience of being on valium during pregnancy and if your baby is healthy and happy??, please do not post if you are going to judge me.
Hi SmittenKitten,
I hope you get my reply, I just found this website about a half hour ago and wasn't sure what to put as a homepage. I'm not sure how much I can help you, but I would like to tell you what is going on with me. I just found out I was pregnant three days ago, and confirmed it that same day with my PCP. I was taking 30mg. of valium every day; 10mg. 3x a day, and when my doc found out I was pregnant, immediately started weaning me off. I have read such disturbing things about what valium can do to the fetus, especially in the first month/trimester of pregnancy, and the info. really scares me. As of today I am down to 15 mg. a day, 5mg. 3x a day. Hopefully I will be completely off in no more than one week. I also suffer from anxiety and OCD, along with depression and other mental health issues. It is very hard and I am very scared. All I can do is do my best to get off all these meds and hope that my baby will be okay. I also wanted to tell you that you are not doing anything wrong. I also am very affected my negative comments. People who are going to judge you and say negative things don't deserve to take up any time or space in your head. (Geez, I need to take my own advice!) I just want you to know that I am here for you and I can relate to your situation. Please write me back if you get the chance; I'd love to hear from you. Since I wasn't sure what to put as my homepage, my name here at JustMommies is Aly3, and my personal e-mail is [email protected]. I hope to hear from you and try not to worry; you are doing everyting you can to do the best thing for you and your future baby. You are being very smart about the choices you are making. Good luck and hope to hear from you!
Alyson (Aly3)
Also, if anyone else has any advice for me or are in a similar situation, I'd love to hear from you. Also, like SmittenKitten, if you are going to be jugmental and rude, please refrain from replying...that kind of stuff is the last thing I need right now. Thank you!

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