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February 5th, 2010, 10:36 PM
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1. S/N & Real Name: First1TimeMama

2. Location: Lubbock, Tx

3. Thyroid Disorder: Hyper

4. Current meds/homeopathy taking: Propy something....awful after taste that stays for so long.

5. Year diagnosed: 2002 -03

6. Something about yourself that you want other to know: We found out about my thyroid when I was hospitalized for my eating disorder. Symptoms went hand in hand with malnutrition so we didnt find out until a few weeks later when even after many shots, IVs etc my HB was still in the 190s, I couldnt even walk to the entrence of a store. I'll always remember the dr. who put everything to the side (my eating disorder) and focused on my symptoms.

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