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February 5th, 2010, 10:40 PM
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Helloooo. We will be getting internet on the 9th so expect to see more of me about! I am making it my goal to post his birth story soon but the gist of things... it was AMAZING.

I periodically feel the need to brag about giving birth in a POOL in my own LIVING ROOM but people around me have heard it before, and others don't care. So I really need to be back here! lol.

I can type up the offical calculations later but basically my whole labor was 5 hours, and I pushed for 5 minutes. On December 5th, right on his due date, in his waters. (Isn't that like double good luck points there?? lol) I could literally feel it stretch and burn but holy cow I wouldn't have traded it for my first birth. No way Jose.

Here is my beautiful little man!!!! These are his 2 week photos, done by me

and of course both my babies

she LOVES him

His name is Shia Royal. (And our daughter is Summer Raine. Seeing as how he came out a BOY, initials were all we could do for a theme.. "SRS".)

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