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May 21st, 2006, 10:08 AM
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DD's natural father is such a class A LOSER!

So, I didn't get the child support payment for this month. Her bio dad is/was in the army so there was never an issue about getting it. Anyway something told me something was up. I called the State child support department and they told me they could not do an investigation until June 1st when he would officially be one whole month behind

So I send him an e-mail a few days ago politely asking him to fess up or find out why the money did not come. So yesterday his mom calls with him on the phone and he talks to DD for a few minutes (he has not called her in months mind you). Anyway, he tells me he has to tell me something but it can wait till next week. I was like ok, why are you playing stupid games, if you have something to say just say it. So he started hemming and hawing, etc etc and I asked him if he was still in the army. (I already knew he was not, just wanted to see if he would tell me.) So he tells me he is not and that he would tell me everything Monday.

I don't care about why he got put out of the army, or what is going on in his life. He has to help support DD. If I fall short or lose my job, I can't sit around and say 'oh well I just can't do it" What the hell is that? So now I know that no money is coming for this month and possibly next month. All I know is he better get a job ASA FREAKIN P and not get too far behind because I do not play that deadbeat dad BS.

And the thing that really PISSES me off is that I can't even tell DD what an azzhole her dad really is. I never bad mouth him to her because I never wanted to be that kind of mother. I figure it would hurt her feelings more than damamge his character and I don't want to hurt her just because I am angry with him you know? So she loves him to death and its like he can do no wrong and I am like ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! HE DOES NOT EVEN CALL YOU BUT EVERY FEW MONTHS!!??!! But she is just a kid and all little girls want to love and hold their dad up on the just pisses me off that he can be such a loser dad and she still love him so much.

And on top of everything else, I have to double check everything he freakin tells me. He is such a liar that you can't believe anything he ever says. I just wish he was not even her father. I love her and if there was a way to just make him not her father I surely would. So now I have to factor in almost $500 a month in daycare expenses for DD, on top of daycare for a newborn.

And I hate to be like don't call me unless you can help support your child but that is how I seriously feel. Why does he get to jump in and out of her life parade her around when he feelsl like it and not put a dime toward her upbringing? That is just not something I am willing to go for. And in actuality, he only called her every few months and has not seen her in more than a year so it is not like it will be so different if I banned him from coming around until he could help support her. Only before he was living in Texas, and now I think he is coming home. I am pissed I invited his mom over to our new house, because now she knows where we live and that means he does too. Urgh this is just so annoying and not what I feel like dealing with right now!

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