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February 8th, 2010, 12:52 PM
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How many words can your LO sign? he is able to sign 15-20 words, but he stopped using a lot of them regularly, and now only uses about four regularly

What words are they? eat, drink, potty, banana. He recently started using "shoe" but only when we are talking about shoes, not when he sees his shoes yet.

Do you try to teach your LO new words to sign? All the time!

Does your LO have any favourite words that he/she may sign a lot?
Milk. And now banana, because apparantly that's all he wants to eat anymore

What is the newest word your LO has learned to sign? Over vacation, he started signing "shoe" and "airplane" I think that shoe will stick, but I'm not sure he has airplane down yet.

Can your LO sign his/her own name?
No, but he seems to recognize the name sign I made for him

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