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February 8th, 2010, 04:20 PM
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It depends what you mean by "pre", really. My 15 month old learns through play and day-to-day activities (like, if he brings me a block, I'll point out the letter T on it and show him the turtle). Someone who's 4 or 5 might have a little more structure with things like art or music, but still not need any really "school" activities yet. My first grader only has about 30 minutes (or less) of school work per day. He's the type who really wanted books, workbooks, etc. early on. My younger one is the type who learns through play and watching his big brother.

Preschoolers should be learning whatever they'll need to know for kindergarten... how to use crayons and pencils (not eating them), and that sort of thing. You can start letter recognition with free sites like or You can do counting through everyday activities like shopping, cooking, putting away toys, or whatever. Colors, shapes... that sort of thing.

If you plan to homeschool in the long run, what you teach is completely up to you. If you plan to use a public or private school for K-1st, you'll need to look at the state and/or school guidelines to see what they want kids to know before entering. Some schools do an entrance exam to determine if a child is ready for kindergarten and/or to place them in the right class. Some don't. I heard just yesterday about a school in MO that was rejecting kids up to age 7, because 7 is their compulsory age for school entrance. Entering K's had to know things like the alphabet already. When I was in school, all you needed to know was your own name!
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