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February 8th, 2010, 07:00 PM
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Ugh. I am terrible at deciding on a name for this baby.

A few weeks ago, we came up with a list and I liked all of them, but now... I don't know if I like any. DH is going to flip out if I tell him that b/c I'm so indecisive already, but I just don't know. it's such a big decision!

So, here are our thoughts:

Archer - I've been thinking of the baby as this for a long time, DH likes "Archie" which I think could
be cute. But now I'm not sure...

August - DH has loved this name for forever and likes the nn Auggie.

Henry - I like how this sounds with Jack (my two little old men) but it seems like it's becoming
more common and we already have a VERY common name (Jackson) so I'd like to be more
distinct this time. Plus, I don't really like the nn "Hank"

Ronan - It's ok, but there is already one at daycare

Rocco - Not sure if another potentially blonde child can pull it off

Griffin... it's a maybe... our last name starts with G and might not sound good together

Then there are the ones that we don't agree on:

Reggie - DH loves it

Virgil - DH claims he loves it (sorry if someone is naming their baby Virgil or married to a Virg, but
I think my DH is making up that he likes this name just to annoy me. I mean... seriously?)

Sawyer - I like this one, but I don't like how there is no nickname. I'm a big nickname person

I love Bennet or Benjamin, but don't like "Ben" with our last name

Samuel... a maybe

So... I just don't know. I have no idea how I'll make this decision. It's so hard for me. It seems like many of you just knew... how did you know? I don't think I ever really felt that way about Jack either, but now I can't picture him any other name.

It's so hard!!!!!!!

Anyone else having a tough time?
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