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February 9th, 2010, 12:46 AM
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I outed myself and my plans to have this baby either at home or in a free-standing birth center, to the mothers in our play group. I don't usually talk about birth with them, because they are all the type to get an epi at the first contraction, schedule an elective induction for convenience, and drugs drugs drugs! They already looked at me like I had five heads when I let them in on the fact that I had no pain medications with Jonah, so I just stopped discussing birth with them and left it to be a "to each his own" kind of thing between us. I don't judge them for their choices; I think every birth is beautiful and amazing. But I did feel judged by them when I told them about Jonah's birth.

So anyway, we were scrapbooking (having a Mom's Only Night) and just chatting, and one of the moms had to have her daughter tested for allergies that day. This brought up a conversation about the fear of needles for a lot of the moms there, and one of the moms said that the worst part of labor was getting the IV. I laughed and said that is often what I say too! Getting the IV was most certainly the worst part for me. I then let on that I am so terrified of needles that is why I prefer a natural birth- I fear the epidural more than the pain of giving birth. This is 80% the reason that I birth naturally. If they could administer epis through an oral pill or something, I'd be much more likely to get one LOL. We talked about how I go into panic and fight or flight with needles, and I said if I need an emergency c-section, I'll probably have to be put all the way under because I don't think I can sit still without fighting. I lose all control of my body and actions when it comes to big needles like that.

So then one of the moms- the one who has an opinion about everything (isn't there one in every group?) said "Have you talked to your OB about this, because shes going to need to know it when you're going into the hospital!" and that's when I dropped the bomb that I have no OB, and there will be no hospital if we can help it.

Surprisingly, the only response this got was "How do you deal with the mess?"

Is this a typical response? What do you usually answer? All that I could think to say was that it isn't as messy as people think, and we bought a special cover for our bed.

LOL I just thought it was a funny reaction. Sorry for it to be such a long post over something so silly. This particular mom has been kind of grating on me lately, telling me things she doesn't really know about Jonah (we are having developmental problems with him right now) and I just had to post something about how her reaction made me laugh. I never even thought about it being messy, although I did think a little bit about the stuff floating in the water after I read a post on here asking about it.

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