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February 9th, 2010, 12:18 PM
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I went in for my appt today and my BP was a bit high again. We started talking about my grandmother's passing, how I'm getting less and less sleep, how everything is going with my GD, and how the commute to and from work and my duties at work are keeping me from getting the rest and relaxation I need now, especially to get my BP down to prevent pre-term labor or hospitalisation, and so on. So it was obvious by the time we were done talking that she was going to ask me about stopping work (which I am ok with) and she did. What I wasn't excpecting was for her to tell me I'm basically on modified bedrest...not supposed to clean, do groceries or go out except to my appts. That is the part I'm having trouble accepting...staying home and not being able to do any housework, no groceries, nothing....I may go insane! But, I will try to do the least possible because I know it's what's best for the baby, but man is this ever going to be hard on me, and DH too since he'll have to do it all. I am glad my stress level should go down and that I won't have to deal with work or anything else for that matter, but I would like to be able to spend this time preparing for the baby. My shower is in 2 weeks and I was planning on painting the nursery this weekend, but I guess I will have to hope that family and friends will be nice enough to take care of that for me. It's bad enough thaqt I will be breaking the rules by going to my friends baby shower on the 20th then having my own on the 21st when I'm not supposed to go out anywhere...sigh! I guess it's time to catch up on some good books and some movies.
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