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February 9th, 2010, 12:51 PM
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When I had my son my water broke before I felt any contractions. I was laying in bed watching tv and rolled over to go to sleep and felt my water break. I just ignored it and slept for an hour and then I got up to tell dh and head to the hospital. The floor was soaked as soon as I stood up and it was a constant leak from then until I got to the hospital and stopped noticing. (I stopped noticing because the nurses refused to let me get out of bed.) So what do I do this time if my water breaks and I want to walk around? We're putting new laminate floors upstairs in the next couple days so when I'm in labor am I going to have to get dh to follow me around with a mop?. I don't want to end up slipping and falling, should I line the floors with towels or something? If I do that then how do I keep myself from tripping on them? This is probably a stupid question with an obvious answer but I just can't think of it . I'm not worried about any other mess because I'm going to set up an area in my room where the baby will be born. Also, going up and down stairs while I'm in labor is probably not a good idea is it?

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