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February 9th, 2010, 01:04 PM
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We bought a special waterproof cover for our mattress, because it is a relatively new mattress and that would be awful to ruin it.

When I had my hospital birth with Jonah, my water was broken by the doctor and like you, it was like every time I got up I could just feel it gushing out. I just used the giant maxi pads that they provided, and old undies. They were pretty good about letting me get up and walk around during the day (during the night I was strapped in bed though) but only for half hour periods. When I wasn't up and walking around, we put those bed pads under my bum and I went bare down there, for comfort. We put them on the birthing ball, the rocking chair, and the bed. I cant stand for that wet feeling, so my DH and the nurse both changed them often. I don't know what the technical name for them is, but they remind me of the doggie training pee pads LOL.

For this one, I am planning on getting lots and lots and lots of those giant maxi pads, and an economy size pack of those bed pads. My mom is a pretty well revered nurse at the hospital she works at, and she can get supplies in a heartbeat. She gets the pads all the time for her little dog to pee on (he is too tiny to go out in our winter weather- he would get very sick.) so I'll get some from her, and some from the medical supply store, and my midwife said she'll have some too, but I don't know if she realizes how picky I am about that "wet" feeling so I'll probably need more than what she provides.

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