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February 9th, 2010, 01:41 PM
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I'm not worried about my bed really. We just bought it last summer so I'm not taking any chances, I'm going to put down a tarp and a waterproof mattress cover plus we're going to use those bed pads. Overkill probably but like I said I don't want to take any chances on the mattress getting wet.
I did think about those giant pads but I don't think I'm going to want to wear them. It's going to be really hot here when the baby is born and our house doesn't have air conditioning. Wearing regular pads in the summer is uncomfortable enough, I can imagine how unpleasant giant pads will be on a 40+ degree (C) day. Who knows, maybe I'll spend most of my labor in my shower and not have to worry about it. Maybe a big canvas painting tarp will work for the floor... I have less chance of tripping over one of those than over the ends of towels.

Originally Posted by Twhylite21 View Post
My water broke at home with Lily before contractions started. I was standing up and wearing jeans so it didn't soak onto the floor. I just put a maxi pad into panties and wore that until we went to the hospital after contractions started and were really close together. I don't remember leaking that much though, so I don't think I was continuously dripping. I plan to just have a pad in my panties again this time.

When I got up to go to the hospital I put jeans on and stuffed a towel between my legs. I sat on a second towel in the car and when I got out of the car my jeans were soaked and the seat of the car was wet. Steady leak. I'm hoping it won't be the same this time but I want to prepare just in case.

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