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February 9th, 2010, 08:40 PM
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Oh god! You are talking to a woman who had her home visit at 37 weeks and didn't go into labor until 42! I had to keep my house clean for 5 weeks! I was constantly getting out of bed late at night to go do the dishes because I would be worried I would go into labor that night.

Can I share a funny story? Of course, on the day of my home visit, I'm cleaning like a mad woman. They come, make me pee in a cup. The conversation went like this,

Midwife's assiatant, "Are you hungry?"
Me, "Not particularly"
Her, "Cathy, look at this"
Cathy, "Wow, are you hungry?"
Me, "Not really."
Cathy, "What have you had to eat today?"
Me, "Like a banana..."
Cathy, "You're starving, Go get something!"

I was spilling ketones for the first (and only) time in my pregnancy because I was so busy cleaning

I was at my best friend's home visit (same midwife), and I was telling her that story as she's frantically cleaning. The midwife gets there, friend pees in a cup. The first thing Cathy says? "Are you hungry?"

We about fell on the floor laughing! Then we let Cathy in on the joke of all the frantically cleaning women spilling ketones.

But not to be mean, but my best friend and her DH are crammed in a very small condo. And their house, honestly? When it's "clean" it reminds me a little bit of that TV show Hoarders. I feel mean saying it, but it's not their fault they have no space to put anything! It was quite a challenge to work around all the clutter for the birth (5 of us in there!), but the midwives never said a thing, of course.

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