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May 22nd, 2006, 05:30 AM
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i'm sorry! that really does suck.

my DH is in the army and his child support is so nicely alotted out each month. well, it was. then his evil ex decided she didn't trust him anymore (completely unfounded, he is so not that kind of guy) so she's having his wages garnished instead.

and it is best to keep your mouth shut - my parents always badmouthed each other when they got divorced, and whoever was complaining was whoever made me mad. my DH said that one day his son will figure out what his mother is really like. he isn't going to ever tell him anything, but he knows he'll figure it out one day.

if you have a lawyer, call them. if not, you should probably get one. oh, or someone said to me that you can contact the judge who made the initial child support ruling.
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