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February 10th, 2010, 01:22 PM
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In addition to the birth kit from

For mom/labor
8x10 plastic drop cloth
Unopened Bounty Paper Towels
Box of Kleenex
4-6 old bath towels
4-6 old wash cloths
Clean gown for mom
Strong Flashlight with new batteries
Heating pad
2 qt round bottom bowl
Extra ice
Nutritious snacks
Household Ammonia
Two large garbage bags
Place in laundry basket

For baby

6 old cotton receiving blankets
Disposable diapers
Sleeper gown
Cotton Balls
Hydrogen Peroxide

A list that I made off of others' suggestions

Witch Hazel for pads
Toilet paper roll in bathrooms (for peeing through after birth)
Larger heating pad (the one in the kit is for warming baby things - this one for aches)
Rescue Remedy
Blow up pillow for bath
Regular throw away pillow (sitting or kneeling in bath for a long time can be uncomfortable - better on a pillow. I didn't have this problem, but I also had a fast labor.)
Cheap shower curtain to protect floor (really was useful)
Sitz bath
Extra ponytails

And because, with no previous BP issues EVER, my BP spiked to transport levels (over 150/90) during labor and stayed there for a week, I will have passionflower tintcure and Cal/Mag on hand.

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